Brave1 is looking for developers to counter FPV and drones

Brave1 is looking for developers to counter FPV and drones

The Brave1 team is looking for developers of new solutions to more effectively counter FPV and drones from DJI and Autel, which are widely used by russian army.

“Reinforce the military with your innovative solution that can detect and physically destroy enemy drones,” says Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov.

Федоров та дрони

What you need

Development requirements for countering FPV drones:

  • detection;
  • means of physical destruction or active defense;
  • means to influence ELRS and TBS control protocols in a wide range and at non-standard frequencies and firmware.

To counter foreign drones:

  • DJI, Autel detection, including flashed or anonymized ones;
  • means to physically destroy commercial drones;
  • mission disruption by affecting the control protocols of DJI, Autel, including firmware.

How to apply

Fill in the form if you already have a ready-made solution that can be launched into production.

You can also join the project if you are an innovator who wants to get involved in the development. Brave1 will help you communicate directly with the cluster’s experts, the military, and subsequently demonstrate your solutions at the testing ground.


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