Bolt summarizes results in Ukraine for 2023

Bolt summarizes results in Ukraine for 2023

Ukraine is one of the key markets for Bolt not only in Europe but also around the world. Despite the war, the company continued to work, help the Ukrainian people and invest in Ukraine, actively developing all three main areas: ridesharing, electric scooter rental and food delivery.

This was reported by the company’s press service in Ukraine.

Support for Ukraine

Bolt continues to actively support Ukrainians by providing mobility, paying taxes, and investing in various volunteer projects and humanitarian aid. In 2023, the company donated UAH 800,000 to the Tabletochki Foundation and UAH 1,500,000 to the Come Back Alive Foundation on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion.

Bolt’s volunteer project “Delivery of Good” was also launched, and trips worth more than UAH 2 million were organized for such company partners as the Okhmatdyt National Children’s Hospital, the Zhyttelyub Charitable Foundation, the Tabletochki Foundation, and the Public Health Center of Ukraine.

“Bolt has been supporting Ukraine since the first day of the full-scale invasion and continues to do so now. We believe in the future of Ukraine and work every day to develop the sharing economy despite the obvious challenges,” said Sergey Kostya, Bolt’s Marketing Director for Eastern Europe.

According to him, the company is not only expanding the geography of its services, but also changing customer habits, enabling millions of Ukrainian users to experience all the benefits of innovative technologies.

Bolt scooters

Bolt Rides

The app has been updated with several new useful features. Some of them relate to safety: for example, an emergency button and the ability to share ride details with friends and family have been added. In addition, you can now call the driver through the app without disclosing your phone number.

Other new features, such as scheduled trips, make using the service even more convenient. In addition, in many cities of Ukraine, the company has expanded the list of available options for ordering rides, for example, with the introduction of such categories as Economy (the most affordable rides) and Business (rides in business class cars).

Some interesting statistics

The longest car trip in 2023 was 754 km, and the passenger paid UAH 21,184 for it. The most active user made 1,327 trips (almost four trips per day), and the most popular point of disembarkation and embarkation remained, as in the previous year, the Central Railway Station in Kyiv.

Most often, rides are booked from 21:00 to 22:00, sometimes leaving drivers a good tip. This year’s record is UAH 300 in tips. There is a legend among Bolt drivers that one of them managed to get five stars 4187 times.

Bolt scooters

Despite the difficulties of wartime, Bolt continues to work and do everything it can to ensure that Ukrainians can easily move around cities using eco-friendly transportation. In 2023, four more cities were added to the five cities where it was possible to rent scooters – Rivne, Uzhhorod, and Khmelnytskyi – and a relocation was held in Dnipro.

In total, more than half a million users have used the service since the beginning of 2023. The most popular location for starting a scooter ride in Kyiv is the Polytechnic Institute metro station, and the end is the Golden Gate. However, the rider with the largest number of trips was recorded not in the capital, but in Lviv, with 853 trips. And Dnipro can boast of the longest ride – a distance of 28.4 km.

Bolt Food

Bolt Food

The most popular dish ordered through Bolt Food is the burger. And this is not surprising after McDonald’s appeared on the platform in late March. The restaurant with the highest number of orders at the end of the year was McDonald’s, located near the Lukyanivska metro station in Kyiv. In total, more than a million burgers were ordered over the year (both from McDonald’s and other restaurants), or 1,154,524 to be exact.

13:11 is the rush hour, at which time the platform receives the largest number of orders. The most expensive one in 2023 cost UAH 15,690. The record holder was a user who ordered food 638 times.


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