Apple Vision Pro was used during an operation in the UK

Apple Vision Pro was used during an operation in the UK

The world of surgical technology has taken another leap forward with Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset. During a recent spinal fusion surgery performed in London, England, surgical assistant Suvi Verho replaced her usual Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset with the Vision Pro – and the results were nothing short of revolutionary.

Previously, the assistant used a Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset for similar operations

Verho, who used the Vision Pro headset during surgery, described it as a “game changer.” Unlike traditional methods where assistants have to physically locate instruments, Vision Pro eliminates the possibility of human error. “Using the headset eliminates the human factor… it takes the guesswork out of it and gives you confidence during surgery,” Verho explained in an interview.

This is not Verho’s first experience with augmented reality (AR) in the operating room. Previously, she used a HoloLens 2 headset for similar surgeries. However, Verho believes that Vision Pro offers a significant improvement.

The benefits go beyond simply eliminating human error. Dr. Saeed Aftab, the surgeon who performed the surgery, emphasized the potential for efficiency gains and knowledge transfer. “During surgery, nurses often have to work with unfamiliar equipment,” said Dr. Aftab. “After using the Apple Vision headset, they can gain some experience and reduce the time to get used to it.”

Verho’s experience and Dr. Aftab’s observations are a promising step forward for the integration of augmented reality into surgery. The ability to visualize and access instruments unobstructed within the surgical field has the potential to improve surgical accuracy, reduce errors, and increase overall efficiency.

While this is just one example, it paves the way for further research into how augmented reality technologies, such as Apple’s Vision Pro, can revolutionize the operating room and ultimately improve patient care.


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