Apple reveals iPhone software support policy for the first time

Apple reveals iPhone software support policy for the first time

Apple’s iPhones are widely known for their extended software support policy. Apple typically provides operating system updates for five years, and some models, surprisingly, receive extended updates for several more years. It’s worth noting that the company has never openly announced the guaranteed years of software support. That was the case until now. New British laws have forced Apple to announce the minimum number of years it will provide software support for its iPhones.

Samsung and Google have announced seven years of software updates for their latest generation flagship smartphones, the Galaxyx S24 and Pixel 8. Now, for the first time in history, Apple has officially announced that it will provide software updates for at least five years from the date of first shipment. The date of delivery means the date of the first sale of the device. It also confirms that the iPhone 15 series will be eligible for updates until September 2028, which means it will likely receive iOS 22.

Apple’s five-year minimum software support period is two years shorter than that of its competitors. However, the key word is “minimum,” so the company can go beyond the minimum period by releasing updates. Apple has done this many times in the past. This does not mean that the company will stop supporting software in five years. The Cupertino-based tech giant does not divide its iPhone models into flagship and mid-range models, unlike most Android brands. Each device is entitled to the same amount of software support.

Samsung and Google’s seven-year software support applies only to the highest-end flagship devices. Mid-range phones often receive updates for up to three years. So, it seems that Apple still has an advantage in software support policies, despite the longer support offered by its competitors.


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