Apple is working on two prototypes of a foldable iPhone

Apple is working on two prototypes of a foldable iPhone

It may be a few more years before Apple switches to foldable devices. And it seems that the foldable iPad will be the leader, not the iPhone, as previously reported.

However, Apple is not ignoring the idea of foldable iPhones. Recent reports from The Information indicate that Apple is still in the early stages of developing prototypes of foldable smartphones. These prototypes reportedly include two designs that resemble Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip models.

According to the report, Apple is working on folding iPhones that will be half the thickness of current models so that they don’t look too thick when closed. The company is also exploring the idea of adding an external screen. However, problems with components such as batteries and displays seem to be preventing engineers from achieving these goals.

Despite these issues, Apple is said to be discussing the possibility of ordering components from Asian manufacturers for the two foldable iPhone sizes. However, there is a possibility that the project could be scrapped if it does not meet Apple’s standards.

On the other hand, a foldable iPad seems like a more manageable task. Apple is apparently focusing on an inward-folding iPad with an 8-inch screen, similar to the size of the iPad mini. The larger form factor allows for a thicker design and fewer durability issues.

However, the main problem Apple faces in creating a foldable iPad is said to be getting rid of the crease that forms when it is folded repeatedly. The company wants to make the screen completely flat, which will allow you to interact with the device and use the Apple Pencil without any obstacles.

It’s not clear yet whether Apple has found the optimal solution to this problem. So, it seems that it will be a few years before Apple’s foldable devices become a reality.


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