Another leak of Xiaomi Mix Fold 4 and Honor Magic V

Another leak of Xiaomi Mix Fold 4 and Honor Magic V

A report published earlier this week revealed that Xiaomi and Honor are working on new foldable phones in the shape of a book. The Mix Fold 4 from Xiaomi and the Magic V3 from Honor are expected to be powered by the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip.

The report also says that the Mix Fold 4’s battery will have a capacity of 5000 mAh, while details on the Magic V3’s battery capacity remained undisclosed. But there was a subtle hint that the V3 will have an even larger battery.

However, in a recent post on Weibo, Digital Chat Station’s tipster revealed that the foldable Honor will also have a 5000mAh battery, matching the Mix Fold 4.

Currently, Vivo X Fold 3 Pro holds the title of the phablet with the largest battery, boasting a massive 5700 mAh cell despite its slim design. It looks like it will keep this crown for some time to come.

In addition, the insider revealed that both phablets will keep the side fingerprint sensors from their predecessors, but will be thinner. The Mix Fold 4 is expected to be the thinnest folding smartphone on release, which is confirmed by the latest leak.

In addition, the source confirmed the previously disclosed information about the Fold 4’s camera, which includes a 50-megapixel quad camera with a 5x periscope lens. However, DCS notes that the camera bulge on Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone is quite noticeable, while the Honor Magic V3 is expected to have a centrally located camera with minimal bulge.

In addition to folding phablets, both brands are working on folding phablets. Honor has already announced the launch of its first foldable device, the Magic V Flip, scheduled for June 20, while Xiaomi has yet to share details about its flip phone.

Xiaomi Mix Fold 4 and Honor Magic V3 are expected to be released in July. Xiaomi may release its flip phone along with the Fold 4.


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