94% of Ukrainians have the Internet at home


The share of Internet users in Ukraine is growing steadily. For example, from 2019 to 2023, the share of Internet users in the total population increased by 8% and now stands at 93.8%.

These findings are based on the Digital Skills Survey of Ukrainians (pdf), conducted at the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine with the support of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program.

94 – 95%

According to the Internet World Stat portal, which studies global statistics on Internet users, as of January 2022, the share of the Ukrainian population using the Internet was almost 95%. Despite the changes in the socio-demographic structure and migration processes that have taken place since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the results of this study confirm the above statistics. Thus, from 94% to 95% (depending on the target category) have access to the Internet at home.

In general, over the past 4 years, the percentage of users among the average adult population (18-70 years old) has increased by 6% (in 2019, the share of users among the adult population was 88%).

Predictably, the share of the population with an Internet connection decreases with the age of the respondents. While 98% of young people (18-29 years old) have access to the World Wide Web at home, the share of people over 60 is 86%.

Lack of Internet access

The main reasons for not having access to the Internet have not changed over the past 2 years. Mostly, those respondents who do not see the benefits of using the World Wide Web (38.7%) or do not have the appropriate skills to use it (20.2%) do not have access.

Also, many users are stopped by the high cost of equipment (19.4%) and network access (17.7%). 11.3% have access to the Internet elsewhere, and 5.6% are not confident in the security and safety of personal data.

Only 4% have no access to the network in their village.

Satisfaction with services

According to the survey results, most of the Ukrainian population is satisfied with the quality of the Internet in their place of residence (from 83% among adults to 90% among teenagers). However, there are certain differences in satisfaction among residents of different macro-regions of Ukraine.

Thus, residents of the East have the highest level of satisfaction with the quality of the Internet (87% are satisfied to some extent), while residents of the Center and West are the least satisfied with the quality of the network (80% and 81%, respectively). The latter have the highest share of dissatisfied (16%).

The area of residence also affects the assessment of the quality of coverage. The level of satisfaction is higher among residents of regional centers (87%) than among residents of other towns and villages (80% and 81% respectively).


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