Xreal targets Apple Vision Pro with new Air 2 Ultra AR glasses

Xreal targets Apple Vision Pro with new Air 2 Ultra AR glasses

Xreal, a company known for its augmented reality glasses, presented its latest product, the Air 2 Ultra, at CES 2024. This happened on the eve of the long-awaited launch of Apple’s Vision Pro, which makes it clear that Xreal is fighting for a piece of the high-end AR market.

The Air 2 Ultra uses two 3D sensors with advanced computer vision, allowing users to interact with and manipulate real-world objects in the digital space. This opens the door to creative applications such as manipulating 3D objects, virtual furniture placement, and immersive gaming.

The Air 2 Ultra is designed to resemble stylish sunglasses, making them comfortable for long periods of time. Weighing just 80 grams, they feature adjustable temples and three sizes of nose pads for a snug fit.

Notably, these are the first titanium AR glasses to feature Sony Micro OLED panels. Each eye enjoys a Full HD display with a 52-degree field of view and 42 pixels per degree – surpassing Apple Vision Pro in terms of clarity. Xreal claims that you can project a virtual 154-inch screen onto your surroundings.

The display also has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and 500 nits of brightness, so it can be used outdoors. There are also features such as auto-dimming lenses for immersion, directional sound for privacy, and voice interaction.

Note, however, that unlike standalone headsets, the Air 2 Ultra requires external power from a smartphone, computer, or Xreal’s Beam module. Of course, this makes it lighter and potentially more affordable, with a $699 price tag compared to Apple’s Vision Pro, which is rumored to cost $3499. But it also means dependence on compatible devices for processing power.

Xreal says that Air 2 Ultra is currently intended primarily for developers, as there won’t be much AR content at launch, and the SDK will receive significant updates in the coming months.


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