Xiaomi MIX 5 may get a camera under the display

Xiaomi MIX 5 may get a camera under the display

Earlier this year, the Xiaomi MIX 5 was spotted in the IMEI database and it was officially confirmed that the device will not be presented in 2024. Of course, the leaks about this smartphone do not stop. Digital Chat Station reports that the Xiaomi MIX 5 will feature a camera under the display and will have a ceramic body. We already know that the device will be equipped with a camera under the display.

Xiaomi MIX 5 is coming

At Geekbench 6, a prototype was spotted, which is expected to be the Xiaomi MIX 5. This prototype smartphone is codenamed “Suiren” and is powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. It is expected that the flagship device of the MIX series, which will be introduced in 2025, will not be introduced with last year’s flagship SOC. They probably tested the first prototype devices with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. I expect Xiaomi MIX 5 to use Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. This, of course, has not been officially confirmed and has not been seen in any line of code.

It is not certain whether the Xiaomi MIX 5 presentation will take place or not. If Xiaomi encounters problems with the device, it may cancel the launch. Currently, the smartphone is in the prototype stage, and we assume that it could be launched in 2025. When we look at the codename “Suiren”, we see Chinese mythology. Suiren is known as a cultural hero who invented fire so that people could survive. The previous Xiaomi MIX 4 was codenamed “odin”.

Digital Chat Station said that the device may come with a ceramic body, just like the previous MIX series. This is already a tradition of the Xiaomi MIX series. This tradition is expected to continue with Xiaomi MIX 5.


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