Xiaomi launches smart audio glasses Mijia Smart Audio Glasses

Xiaomi launches smart audio glasses Mijia Smart Audio Glasses

As planned, today Xiaomi launched its latest audio glasses, Mijia Smart Audio Glasses, in China. These smart glasses seamlessly combine audio capabilities with stylish eyewear, offering a unique blend of technology and fashion.

Design and features

Mijia smart audio glasses have a customizable design with six interchangeable frames. If you need to, you can also adjust the glasses to your specific vision requirements.

As the name suggests, the focus of these glasses is on sound. They use air conduction technology to transmit sound to the ear canals. Inside the glasses are ultrasonic drivers that utilize a sound cavity structure algorithm to deliver clear and immersive sound.

In addition, dual audio leakage protection technology prevents leakage during calls, and noise cancellation ensures optimal call quality.

The glasses offer impressive battery life, supporting up to 10 hours of music playback, 7 hours of phone calls, 24 hours of basic use, and more than 11 days of standby time. They are conveniently charged via a magnetic contact point on the temples of the glasses.

The Mijia Smart Audio glasses are also quite lightweight (37.7 g) and have ergonomic features such as independently adjustable nose pads and a removable hinge for comfort and practicality.

There’s also an intelligent wear detection technology that allows you to automatically pause music when the glasses are removed.

In addition, the headphones support intuitive gesture control, allowing users to perform actions such as playing/pausing music, adjusting volume, switching tracks, and more. Users can also interact with the glasses using compatible voice assistants.

Price and availability

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Audio Glasses will be available for crowdfunding in China via Xiaomi Youpin from March 27 to April 10. The price is set at 459 yuan (~$63) for the fundraising period, and after that, the glasses will be sold at 599 yuan (~$83). Xiaomi will announce availability details after the successful completion of the crowdfunding.


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