Xiaomi has released the Mitu Kids Watch 7A with impressive features

Xiaomi has released the Mitu Kids Watch 7A with impressive features

Xiaomi has released the Mitu Kids Watch 7A, a budget model of its popular kids’ smartwatch. The 7A brags about improved security features, clearer video call transmission, and a longer-lasting battery, making it an attractive option for parents seeking peace of mind.

Technical characteristics of Xiaomi Mitu Kids Watch 7A:

The Mitu Kids Watch 7A is designed with child safety in mind and features a comprehensive 9-layer positioning system. The watch uses artificial intelligence location tracking technology to provide accurate indoor positioning, covering more than 4,000 major shopping centers and train stations.

The watch notifies parents if their children enter or leave preset zones, such as home or school, or if there are unexpected changes in their routes. In addition, it stores location history for up to 90 days, allowing parents to review their child’s previous locations.

The 2MP front-facing camera with a wide viewing angle provides clearer, smoother video communication. This provides a better visual connection between parents and children, giving them the ability to look at their child’s surroundings for added reassurance. The watch also supports 4G LTE and is compatible with China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom.

The Mitu Kids Watch 7A features a 1.4-inch TFT display, 48 MB of RAM, and 256 MB of internal storage. It is powered by a powerful 950 mAh battery that is paired with low-power chips and an optimized power-saving algorithm (2.0). This means that the watch lasts longer and does not need to be recharged frequently throughout the day.

The Mitu Kids Watch 7A is available in three vibrant colors – blue, green, and pink – and features a new, more robust design for increased durability. It is also water resistant to 20 meters, allowing kids to wear it while playing or washing their hands without worry.

The watch offers various functionalities beyond safety. Children can access professional sports courses, such as jumping rope, running, and long jump, with instructions to encourage healthy activity. The watch also integrates with Xiao Ai classmates, a virtual assistant for kids, and supports micro-chat and Alipay for limited payments with parental controls.

With Mitu Kids Watch 7A, Xiaomi prioritizes data security. Data is encrypted multiple times, and parents can manage third-party app permissions to ensure their children’s privacy. The watch has also undergone rigorous testing and certification to ensure safety and reliability.

Price and availability

Xiaomi Mitu Kids Watch 7A will be available for pre-order in China starting July 1 at 10:00 am CET for a starting price of 349 yuan (approximately $48).


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