Novatek-Electro EM-129 is an electricity meter with protection and control functions. It also offers the user the ability to turn on and off the load (refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, etc.) according to a schedule. There are also a number of different protections and other features. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

The box for Novatek-Electro EM-129

Let’s talk about everything one by one. In my case, the Novatek-Electro EM-129 comes in a small blue cardboard box with a lot of different data on its walls, including a diagram of how to connect the product to the mains. Why did I write “in my case”? It’s simple, because there is a model on sale in a box made in the format of packaging for a relay Novatek-Electro REV-225. Obviously, there are other options.

Of course, the box of a product is what is sent for disposal immediately (or almost immediately) after unpacking the product. However, no matter what fate befalls the EM-129 package, I advise you to spend some time studying the data on the walls beforehand, because there are many answers to various technical questions. This is what we will do next.

Information from the box walls

First of all, let’s get acquainted with the company’s business card, i.e., its line of business – “Development and production of automation and protection devices.” This is stated on the front wall just below the Novatek-Electro name. Then, in fact, there is the business card of the product itself, its name, warranty label, and a detailed illustration of the model, which gives a visual representation of both design and ergonomics.

The box for Novatek-Electro EM-129

There are no less interesting things behind the label: key technical characteristics, protection class, labeling, company’s legal address, official website address, and other interesting “things”.

One of the side panels is notable for its bilingual product data sheet.

Finally, on the opposite side is a diagram of the meter’s connection to the power grid.

Unboxing the Novatek-Electro EM-129

Having familiarized ourselves with the packaging and the data on its walls, let’s take a closer look at the product’s package. So, what is inside the box:

  • Wi-Fi meter Novatek-Electro EM-129;
  • setup and operation manual.

Wi-Fi meter Novatek-Electro EM-129, setup and operation manual

Technical characteristics of Novatek-Electro EM-129

  • Voltage protection;
  • Power limitations;
  • Current limitation;
  • Frequency protection;
  • The timer is a weekly one;
  • The switching current is up to 63 A (14 kW);
  • Dimensions (module S) – 2;
  • Manual control;
  • Remote control;
  • Protection against overheating;
  • Work history;
  • Graphs.

Case materials 

Let’s start by saying that the body of Novatek-Electro EM-129 is mostly plastic. The material used has increased heat-resistant features.

The case is not monolithic – it consists of two halves, which are easily visible on the side panels, and are fixed together with snaps. We do not recommend disassembling the case without special knowledge, even in case of emergency, as there are appropriate centers for this purpose. Moreover, the manufacturer provides a full 5-year warranty.

In addition to plastic, there are a few metal parts on the outside of the case, they are easy to see in the illustrations for this section of the review. I can’t say anything substantive about the metal parts inside the case, because I didn’t perform any manipulations to disassemble it.

There is a locking latch behind it when installed on a Din-rail. It differs in color. In addition, it is easy to notice the presence of a metal spring here. I had no questions to this organization.

Impressions on build quality

Novatek-Electro takes a diligent approach to the assembly of their products – I speak as a user who has already owned more than one product of the company. The EM-129 model is no exception; even the button on the front panel is not “spilled”, as is often the case with competitors’ solutions. Say what you will, but it is much more interesting to hold the product in hands in a solid and even monolithic case in its own way than in a case with conventions. Here the manufacturer personally has an extra like in karma from me!

I hope that in new developments, the quality of case assembly will be at the same level. Although you never know what other improvements can be expected.

Protection according to IP20 standard

Similar to Novatek-Electro REV-225, the EM-129 case is also protected according to the IP20 standard, i.e., against objects with a diameter of 12.5 mm or more. Obviously, such a possibility exists. Traditionally, such products are not protected from moisture, because they are not intended for installation in places with high humidity.

Ergonomics of Novatek-Electro EM-129

In this regard, everything is most interesting in the front. At the very top are the L and N mains connection terminals. Next is the ON/OFF status indicator (two-color – red and blue). Next to this indicator is the Wi-Fi button – we’ll dwell on its functionality later. And finally, at the very bottom there is another pair of terminals similar to those on the opposite side. However, if we have a network connection at the top, then the load is at the bottom.

The panel on the right shows the previously mentioned wiring diagram of the product.

Finally, there is the Din-rail mounting mechanism. I have already written about it a little bit above.

Main features of Novatek-Electro EM-129

  • Metering of consumed electricity;
  • Measurement of mains voltage and frequency;
  • Measures the current consumed by the load;
  • Measuring the power consumed by the load;
  • Load protection against emergency mains voltage;
  • Load overcurrent protection;
  • Load protection against overcurrent;
  • Protection against overheating of internal elements;
  • Real-time clock with a power reserve of up to 5 days (in the absence of power);
  • Automatically synchronizes the time with a time server (NTP);
  • Automatic load control according to a user-defined schedule;
  • Limiting the time of load operation;
  • Manual load control from the front panel;
  • Blocking of manual control after a certain period of time.

Wi-Fi electricity meter

Settings of Novatek-Electro EM-129

In general, when it comes to connecting Novatek-Electro EM-129 to the power grid, there are no problems for a user with minimal knowledge in this area. If you do not have such knowledge, we recommend that you contact a specialist for the appropriate settings. As a “bonus”, the panel on the side has a corresponding diagram.

What should you understand next? Thanks to the EM-129 weekly timer, you can save electricity and your money. Plan your scenarios once and forget about this routine.

But in order to plan all this and have remote access to the system’s capabilities, you need to make all the appropriate settings in advance.

So, we have already connected the EM-129 to the power supply, and now we need to turn it into a Wi-Fi access point. To do this, press and hold the button on the product body for 5-6 seconds. The previously mentioned LED will start blinking red and blue and your smartphone will notice the presence of the corresponding point – EM-129 and the serial number.

After you have made the appropriate connection, all further settings are made in the browser. In the address bar, you enter the address of the resource specified in the product passport. You will be taken to the meter menu, where you will need to enter all the necessary data in order to connect to the network. After making the appropriate connection, you will have access to a list of all nearby points. Next, assign an automatic IP, set up a password for the meter. Wait for the connection. The signal of connection will be the winking of the previously mentioned indicator approximately once every 3-4 seconds.

You will then be taken to the OVERVIS server, where you can continue setting up – note that registration is required in advance.

Next is your personal account. Your meter is already located here. You can connect to it by clicking on the corresponding shortcut – the procedure itself is quite fast.

The main menu contains data on electricity, a button for manual control of the meter, and other interesting “things”.

The menu features include the previously mentioned scheduling of work by the schedule. It can be set by the hour and for each day of the week. In the “Protection” item, you can configure the parameters of protective functions. The “Log” item records all events that occur in the meter. Finally, the “Settings” item allows you to perform the necessary manipulations to suit your needs. It also provides the ability to remotely turn off the electricity.

Expert opinion

Ultimately, this thing can be interesting in an apartment you rent out, commercial premises where you need to turn on the load on some devices according to a schedule, and so on. You always have the power off button, so to speak, “at hand”. At the same hand, you have the ability to monitor, configure operational safety, and a number of other equally interesting features.

The price of the model on the manufacturer’s website starts at UAH 3430 ($100) for wholesale purchases.


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