What kind of IT specialists are involved during the war

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Exports of IT services from Ukraine are declining, but IT market leaders continue to hire specialists for projects. This applies to both external specialists and internal specialists whose previous projects have been completed. Currently, GlobalLogic has 170 open positions in Ukraine. The company explained how and whom they invite to projects during the war.

GlobalLogic проаналізував, які ІТ фахівці залучаються під час війни

External experts

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, 1351 new specialists have joined the company. About half of them received an interview invitation via LinkedIn and Djinni.

Senior and Middle specialists are in the greatest demand, but beginners are also needed. 351 Junior and Trainee specialists have joined the company since the start of the full-scale invasion.

Recruiting new specialists is not limited to Kyiv and Lviv, where the company’s main offices are fully operational.

Most often, the company was looking for specialists with QA Automation, C++, JavaScript, DevOps, and .NET skills. They remain the most popular among the company’s open positions today. In addition, GlobalLogic has identified which industries continue to actively engage the services of Ukrainian IT professionals.

GlobalLogic проаналізував, які ІТ фахівці залучаються під час війни

Internal specialists

People are the core value at GlobalLogic. Supporting specialists and finding new projects for them has become a priority for the company. Thus, during the year and a half of full-scale war, 1700 specialists whose projects were completed received new roles in GlobalLogic projects.

Usually, a new project is found in 2 months. During this time, the company provides specialists with all the necessary support.


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