What Internet works during blackouts in Ukraine – map

What Internet works during blackouts in Ukraine - map

LUN and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine are expanding the map of Internet providers that operate during blackouts. It helps to check whether a provider can provide Internet access for up to 72 hours without electricity.

As a reminder, in October 2023, the Ministry of Digital Transformation together with LUN Misto created a map of Internet providers. Previously, the map was available for residents of Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv regions. Now it has been extended to the whole of Ukraine.

How to add a provider

The Ministry explained how providers can join:

“Are you a provider that provides Internet for more than 4 hours in the face of blackouts? Join LUN Misto’s interactive map of Internet providers so that more Ukrainians can learn about you and stay connected. Write to misto@lun.ua, indicate “Resilient Ukraine” in the subject line and provide all the necessary information about your work.”

мапа інтернет-провайдерів від ЛУН Місто, Київ

Everyone can get involved

An important advantage of the map is that you can check the ratings of other users and find out whether the Internet really works during blackouts for the time specified by the provider. The developers also recommend leaving feedback, as it is important that the information on the map is as accurate as possible.

“Choose a provider in your home and get the Internet for up to 72 hours without electricity. Is there no such provider in your house? Find one in your neighborhood and apply for a line to your house (and tell your neighbors about this map, because the more applications, the faster they will make it),” the website says.

Due to enemy shelling, Ukraine’s power system is under constant attack. Some regions are already experiencing scheduled power outages, and people need to have access to the Internet at all times to stay in touch with their families.

Take care of a stable Internet connection at home in case of power outages. Check on the LUN map to see if your provider can provide you with uninterrupted Internet access during power outages. One of the most efficient fiber optic technologies is xPON. If your provider does not use energy-saving technologies, you can find another one on the map and switch.


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