What and to whom are Ukrainian IT professionals grateful for?

What and to whom are Ukrainian IT professionals grateful for?

On Thanksgiving Day, GlobalLogic Ukraine conducted a survey among its employees. The employees told us whom they thank every morning and what they are grateful for. They also shared who the IT industry as a whole is grateful to and what technologies will drive it forward in the coming years.

Gratitude can reduce stress and improve mental health, according to research by scientists at the University of California. To foster a culture of gratitude, GlobalLogic asked its employees to whom and why they are grateful. More than 800 employees took part in the survey.

ЗСУ, кава та гайди на YouTube

Ukrainian Armed Forces, coffee and YouTube guides

In addition to the Armed Forces and their families, the experts are most grateful for their morning coffee, YouTube guides, Stackoverflow, and ChatGPT. Special thanks were also expressed to former UK Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace.

More than half of the participants are grateful to their managers for their professional growth. Next in the top are cool customers, industry experts with lectures on YouTube, project mentors, and friends who recommended joining the company. Many people thanked their parents for advising them to enter a technical university.

We are grateful for the flexible schedule and when the rally became an email

The most important benefit for which the company is grateful is the possibility of remote cooperation. They also highlighted the health care program and support during a full-scale war.

The top qualities for which engineers are grateful to their teams are professionalism, sense of humor, and humanity.

And the top reasons that caused special gratitude to colleagues were often mentioned: “When they didn’t bother me with work issues during my vacation.” They were grateful for cases when stand-up took exactly 10 minutes, when a rally became an email, when you could turn off the camera during a rally. And also when they showed their dog to the camera at the rally.

У топ персоналій, яким завдячує світова IT-галузь на думку опитаних, потрапили Білл Гейтс, Ларрі Пейдж, Лінус Торвальдс, Стів Джобс та Ада Лавлейс

IT industry owes a lot to Bill Gates and artificial intelligence

According to the respondents, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Linus Torvalds, Steve Jobs, and Ada Lovelace are among the top personalities that the global IT industry owes a debt of gratitude to. More than half of the experts consider artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to be the key technology that will change the future of the industry. Other areas were also mentioned: Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and MilTech.

IT-галузь завдячує Біллу Гейтсу та штучному інтелекту

Advice you would have appreciated at the beginning of your career

Experts were asked what advice they would appreciate at the beginning of their career in IT. Most often, people would recommend believing in themselves, moving into IT faster, learning English, and starting with automation QA rather than manual. Some say they would thank themselves for such advice: “don’t be afraid of your own failures, buy a comfortable chair with lumbar support, and buy bitcoin with all your money.”


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