Vodafone offers to connect eSIM via Monobank

Vodafone offers to connect eSIM via Monobank

From now on, Vodafone eSIM can be purchased in the Monobank app. Monobank app users can order Vodafone eSIMs with the Joice Pro tariff for UAH 200. The tariff includes 25GB and 1200 minutes for calls to all networks in Ukraine.

New customers can choose a number of their choice from five offered. After the purchase, owners of IOS devices can directly download the eSIM to their device in the app without scanning a QR code. Soon, direct download will be available for users of Android gadgets.

About eSIM technology

eSIM allows you to refuse to use a physical SIM card and replace it with a virtual one. For this purpose, manufacturers install a microchip in modern gadgets that allows loading a digital SIM card by scanning a QR code. Thus, users get the opportunity to buy or change a SIM card remotely without wasting time on a trip to the store to get a physical card.

About eSIM technology

The virtual SIM card has a number of other advantages:

  • it allows owners of mono-SIM devices to significantly expand the capabilities of their gadgets and use several profiles in one smartphone – up to 10 numbers (depending on the manufacturer’s settings);
  • eSIM can be used in devices without SIM card slots, such as tablets;
  • a virtual card provides an additional level of security. It cannot be damaged, lost, or removed from a smartphone, which is another barrier for fraudsters and an opportunity to find a missing smartphone or tablet.


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