Vodafone has integrated My Vodafone and Diia

Vodafone has integrated My Vodafone and Diia

Now Vodafone customers in Ukraine will be able to register their number quickly, securely, and most importantly, remotely using the My Vodafone and Diia apps.

The purpose of the integration

Unlike contract subscribers, prepaid customers often face the need to prove their card’s identity – if they want to block or restore a lost or damaged SIM card, find out the PUK code if they have exhausted all attempts to remember the card’s PIN, or get detailed information about the charges on the number.

Registering a number provides additional protection against fraudsters who may try to take over the number and gain access to bank accounts or social media profiles.

The new functionality also makes identification much easier. Previously, to register a number, you had to visit a store in person, but now everything can be done quickly, remotely and securely using the Diia and My Vodafone apps, which are already available on most mobile users’ smartphones.

How to register your number with Diia and My Vodafone

To register your number, you need to go to the My Vodafone application and find the “Register number” service in the “Quick access” section. By clicking on the “Register a number” button, the subscriber goes to Diia, transfers a copy of a digital document (passport of a citizen of Ukraine in the form of an ID card or a foreign passport) and confirms the number registration.

After that, the number becomes registered and linked to the person, which means it is more secure.

Thanks to encryption and coding, Vodafone guarantees the security of personal data.


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