Vodafone doubles investments in energy independence

Vodafone doubles investments in energy independenc

Following the attacks on the energy infrastructure in March and April, Vodafone decided to double its planned investments in energy independence this year. Based on this decision, the company plans to purchase additional generating capacity and autonomous power supply systems worth UAH 438 million. Total investments in the grid’s energy resilience in 2022-2024 will exceed UAH 674 million.

Vodafone is investing in new type of batteries for its communication facilities. To improve reliability and extend the autonomous power supply time of its base stations, the company has already purchased 13.5 thousand batteries of a new lithium-ferrous type (LiFePO4). Such batteries are much better adapted to harsh operating conditions with frequent and prolonged power outages. Vodafone plans to purchase an additional 4,612 such batteries in 2024.

Vodafone will also increase its generating capacity. More than 1.5 thousand base stations are already powered by generator sets, including the company’s own stationary and mobile generators, as well as generator sets of partners and customers. During the war alone, the company purchased about 500 mobile generators and the auxiliary equipment necessary for their operation. In 2024, the number of generating equipment of various types will increase by another 280 units.

To date, more than 700 partner generators have been used to keep the network running during outages, and this number is constantly growing. Vodafone is open to further cooperation – companies that have a diesel generator set and are ready to share its capacity to provide communication for their company and other subscribers within the range of the base station can send an email to no_blackout@vodafone.ua. Vodafone experts will be happy to discuss the details of possible cooperation.

The company has already used more than 1,094 tons of diesel and gasoline during previous outages. Vodafone’s power engineers have also ensured that they have sufficient diesel and gasoline reserves to generate electricity to keep the network running during emergency power outages. To minimize the risks of a shortage of certain types of fuel and diversify fuel supplies, including on a regional basis, the company has increased the number of wholesale fuel suppliers with whom it has signed contracts and made significant fuel reserves.


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