Vodafone Big Data Lab graduates new data science specialists


The Vodafone Big Data Lab school has held the final project defense, the final stage of the six-month training course for big data analysts.

A total of 13 students applied for honors diplomas, a record number for the school’s four graduations. This is the second graduation under martial law.

The final projects are modern work tasks from Vodafone Ukraine’s data science division adapted to the educational process.

Preparing for the defense allows students to go through the entire process of developing a data analysis project, consolidate their knowledge by working with real data, present the analysis mechanisms and results of their work to mentors and colleagues, and get the first project in their portfolio.

The record number of finalists is due to the expansion of the school’s program with preparatory courses, an increase in the number of practical disciplines and time devoted to supporting students in the preparation process.

The rapid growth of interest in artificial intelligence and data science also plays a major role. More and more Ukrainians are using the latest technologies in the fight for freedom, in their work and business, and are striving to get an education and work in the high-tech industry of the future.

Now the school’s graduates can both continue to deepen their knowledge in the chosen field and start a career in data science as Junior Data Scientist, Junior Analyst, Junior Data Analyst, Junior User Acquisition Analyst, etc.

The course was created by the best specialists from Ukraine and the world who developed a comprehensive data science training program. The program allows you to master theoretical knowledge with domain expertise and learn how to work with big data in a short time.

The training was conducted online in compliance with air raid safety rules. The students had the opportunity to communicate with mentors in real time and view lecture recordings.

Vodafone Big Data Lab will soon open a new enrollment for the course.


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