Vodafone adds comparison of tariffs of all operators for MNP


Comparing the cost of different tariffs and determining the smallest mobile bill can be as convenient and familiar as comparing prices from different manufacturers in an online supermarket. Vodafone has launched a service for quick selection of a mobile tariff.

Now you don’t need to search for information on different resources to choose the best tariff. The service will be useful for subscribers who are considering changing operators while keeping their numbers using MNP.

To choose a tariff, you just need to enter the amount you are willing to spend on mobile communications on the Page of the Tariff Selection – Comparison of Tariffs of Ukrainian Mobile Operators service. The service provides all possible variants of tariffs available on the Ukrainian market with similar prices in the form of easy-to-read cards containing the most important characteristics of tariffs: the cost available to customers when switching from one operator to another without changing their number, the amount of minutes and Internet, the number of applications available for unlimited use in the tariffs.

Vodafone adds comparison of tariffs of all operators for MNP

For comparison, the tariffs available on a subscription basis are taken into account.

When switching to the Vodafone network, the company offers a discount of up to 40% on subscription rates for the first 6 months for mobile services.

For example, the Turbo tariff offers Internet unlimited, 1600 minutes for calls to all Ukrainian numbers and 10GB and 100 minutes in roaming for only 100 UAH/4 weeks for the first 6 months.


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