Viber surveys Ukrainians about their income during the war

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Rakuten Viber conducted a survey among Ukrainians to find out how the situation with jobs and income has changed since February 24, 2022. More than 70 thousand users from Ukraine took part in the survey on the official Viber Ukraine channel.

The survey results showed that 40% of working Ukrainians have seen their incomes decrease during the war: 31% of respondents said that their salaries had become significantly lower, while another 9% said that their income had decreased, but not significantly. 15% of respondents said that their income remained unchanged, and 5% said that their salaries had even increased.

In addition, more than a third of the respondents are currently unemployed: 9% of Ukrainians have lost their jobs and are actively looking for them, 5% are neither working nor looking. Also, 26% are unemployed because they are still studying or are retired.

To the question “Has your job and income situation changed since February 24?,” the answers were distributed as follows:

  • I am working and my income has not changed – 15%;
  • I am working and my income has even increased – 5%;
  • I am working and my income has decreased, but not significantly – 9%;
  • I work, but my income has decreased significantly – 31%;
  • I lost my job and am actively looking for a job – 9%;
  • Not working and not currently looking for a job – 5%;
  • I do not work because I am still studying / retired – 26%.

Viber also asked Ukrainians in which mode they work now – online, offline or in a mixed format. More than half (59%) of respondents said they work only offline. Conversely, 22% of respondents work online. Another 19% of respondents have a hybrid work schedule: some days in the office, some days from home.

The answers were distributed as follows:

I work only online – 22%;
I work in a hybrid mode: both online and offline – 19%;
I work only offline – 59%.


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