Viber gets a summary of chat based on OpenAI

Viber gets a summary of chat based on OpenAI

Rakuten Viber has announced the launch of the Chat Summary feature based on OpenAI technology. The new feature analyzes from 5 to 100 unread messages in a group chat and highlights the key points in a single message.

How chat summaries work

From now on, you can read the entire missed conversation instead of reading it all, and get a brief summary of its content. Two-thirds of Rakuten Viber users in Ukraine chat in group chats at least monthly, so this feature should help save time for many Ukrainians.

The AI-powered feature extracts the most important details from a group chat and instantly generates a short list of the points that were discussed. A summary of the chat will help you stay on top of things without having to scroll through a long history of messages. For now, the new feature will be available only for group chats, the most popular communication format among Rakuten Viber users.

Як працює стислий виклад чату

“We are constantly looking for new ways to make our users’ lives easier,” said Ofir Eyal, CEO of Rakuten Viber.

According to him, to create this feature, the developers used the capabilities of generative AI to save users’ time and make sure they do not miss any important details of their conversations.

“Parents discussing classroom affairs, friends and family, and weekend plans – everyone will be able to quickly get a report on what they might have missed in the chats,” the CEO adds.

How to use it

The feature is easy to use: a suggestion to create an additional summary of the conversation that the user missed will automatically appear when opening a group chat with five or more unread messages.

The feature is currently being tested for 10% of iOS and Android users in Ukraine and other countries: USA, Japan, Bulgaria, Poland, and the Philippines. The new feature supports more than 50 languages, including Ukrainian.


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