Valve’s next big game “Deadlock” leaked on X

Valve's next big game

Valve fans will finally have another reason to be extremely happy, if it’s not Half-Life 3. A leak has revealed Valve’s next big competitive multiplayer game: Deadlock.

This game aims to create an effect similar to Counter-Strike or Dota, which is already saying something

A gameplay leak posted by @PlayerIGN in X (see video here) gives a glimpse into the 6v6 third-person shooter. According to the well-known Valve enthusiast Tyler McVicker, hundreds of players are already testing Deadlock in the closed alpha phase, which indicates that the game is still in development.

McVicker is positioning Deadlock as Valve’s next big competitive game, aiming to become as influential as Counter-Strike or Dota. He describes it as a hero-based level-based shooter with an emphasis on individual skill, potentially incorporating elements that have made previous Valve games successful. We also see glimpses of character customization: the video shows a selection screen with 19 playable characters.

McVicker adds that the development of Deadlock began in 2018 and incorporates tower defense mechanics into a unique combination of fantasy and steampunk aesthetics.

While the leak gives a glimpse of what Deadlock has to offer, it is important to remember that the game is likely still in its early stages. Keep an eye out for official announcements from Valve to learn more about Deadlock and its potential release date.


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