Valve Steam sales schedule for 2024 announced

Valve Steam sales schedule for 2024 announced

Valve, the digital video game giant, has just dropped a bombshell on gamers around the world by announcing a comprehensive lineup of Steam sales that will run from the frigid winter of 2023 to the hot summer of 2024. In a recent blog post, Valve revealed 14 enchanting discounts covering a variety of genres and themes.

The Steam Winter Sale, which runs from December 21, 2023 to January 4, 2024, will kick off the gaming fiesta. Get ready for a roller coaster ride through festivals like Capitalism and Economy Fest, Pirates vs. Ninjas Fest, and the intriguing Dinos vs. Robots Fest, among others.

Upcoming Steam sale events:

  • Steam Winter Sale (December 21, 2023)
  • Festival of Capitalism and Economics (January 8, 2024)
  • Pirates vs. Ninjas festival (January 22)
  • Next Fest (February 5)
  • Playing together remotely (February 12)
  • Dinosaurs vs. Robots festival (February 26)
  • Steam Spring Sale (March 14)
  • Deckbuilder’s Fest (March 25)
  • FFS Fest (April 15)
  • Farming Festival (April 29)
  • Endless Replayability Fest (May 13)
  • Open World Survival Crafting Fest (May 27)
  • Next Fest (June 10)
  • Summer sale on Steam (June 27, 2024)

Valve has strategically spaced these sales over time, offering a variety of themes ranging from business simulations to open-world survival crafting. Seasonal sales, such as the Steam Spring Sale and the final Steam Summer Sale, promise a large selection of discounted games in various genres.

Among all these events, Valve’s Next Fest stands out as a special one, which takes place several times a year and goes beyond traditional discounts. It provides gamers with the opportunity to get acquainted with free demo versions and take part in live broadcasts conducted by developers. It serves as a preview of upcoming game releases, improving the overall gaming experience of the community.

By the way, EPIC Games Store is preparing for another massive holiday giveaway that will start at the end of this week. Last year, the draw featured such hits as Wolfenstein: The New Order, Metro: Last Light Redux, several classic Bethesda games, etc. This year, there are rumors of a Red Dead Redemption 2 giveaway.


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