Ukrtelecom laid almost 11 thousand kilometers of optics

Fiber optic cable connecting concept

During the full-scale war, in 2022-2023, Ukrtelecom built almost 11 thousand kilometers of optical lines. The company has provided hundreds of thousands more households in all regions of the country with modern services.

Most fiber-optic lines were laid in Odesa, Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Lviv, and Dnipro regions. The optical infrastructure is being expanded by laying new lines, replacing old copper networks with fiber optics, and restoring the network in the de-occupied territories.

Work during the war

“Despite the challenging operating environment, Ukrtelecom continues to provide Ukrainians with access to high-speed optical Internet. In line with its pre-war strategy, the company has decided to continue its ambitious projects to build optical networks across the country and optical modernization of copper infrastructure. “We understand that uninterrupted high-quality Internet is a critical service for all of us – it means receiving instant information by citizens, including about the security situation, and the sustainability of business, the stability of educational processes and the continuous interaction of government agencies,” says Yuriy Kurmaz, CEO of Ukrtelecom.

He promises to continue building a modern optical network in 2024. Even in today’s challenging environment, Ukrtelecom is investing in GPON network development as a guarantee of stable and high-quality telecoms services, including energy-independent Internet access.

Юрій Курмаз, Укртелеком

Connection in 2023

In 2023, Ukrtelecom connected more than 150 medical and 185 educational institutions to its optical infrastructure. In total, more than 1250 medical and almost 1700 educational institutions have access to high-speed optical Internet.

Localities where the operator builds fiber-optic networks can access the Internet at speeds of up to 1 Gbps, which in turn allows them to use the full potential of digital services in the public and private sectors. At the same time, IP-based services are becoming available to the public, including interactive television in HD and 4K quality, video conferencing, and Internet telephony.

In total, Ukrtelecom provides Internet access in almost 4,000 settlements across the country. Today, the network covers 90% of the number of settlements covered by the operator’s network before the full-scale Russian invasion. Ukrtelecom operates everywhere except the temporarily occupied territories.


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