Ukrainians have created a coaching platform AddMile

Ukrainians have created a coaching platform AddMil

Ukrainian developers have created a coaching platform for personal and career development called AddMile. It helps people get help from certified coaches and makes this practice accessible to everyone.


AddMile already has more than 100 lessons and 6 personal development programs. The web version of the product is available to users from more than 130 countries.

The platform was launched as part of Headway, an EdTech company that creates products for education. AddMile is the fourth project in the company’s portfolio, following the Headway, Impulse, and Nibble apps.

AddMile helps people improve various areas of their lives through the practice of coaching: overcoming crisis situations, dealing with burnout, self-sabotage, setting goals, and creating an action plan.

The main audience of AddMile is users from the United States, the European Union, the UK, and Canada.

For whom

AddMile’s mission is to make coaching accessible to everyone and change its perception as a “practice for top managers”. Thanks to AddMile, people from all over the world can get support from certified professionals through individual video sessions, access to round-the-clock chat, personalized programs, online courses, and self-development lessons for a subscription starting at $60 per month. The average cost of a consultation with a certified specialist in the US and EU countries is over $200.

“Just 4 sessions with a certified specialist helped me to deal with most of my own issues. These changes have inspired us to make coaching an accessible practice so that everyone can have this experience. AddMile strengthens Headway’s ecosystem of EdTech products and reflects its mission to help people around the world develop and grow,” says Olga Shapovalova, CEO of AddMile.

AddMile is currently available on the web platform. The team is working on launching apps on iOS and Android, and the main goal by the end of 2024 is to increase the team of coaches and users by 4 times.


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