Ukrainians create D-21-11 ground combat robot

Ukrainians create D-21-11 ground combat robot

The D-21-11 is a universal Ukrainian robot created by members of the Brave1 defense cluster. The vehicle is equipped with an automatic turret and can perform combat missions. For example, it can conduct reconnaissance, assault or defend positions.

The platform can also be used to safely deliver ammunition or provisions to soldiers in hot spots. The warhead is fully removable. Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov wrote about this.

The combat part of the robot, D-11, has already been successfully tested and has received positive feedback from the military. The developers are planning to integrate NATO weapons into the robot and increase its resistance to enemy electronic warfare. The team is now working on scaling up production.

наземний бойовий робот D-21-11

“We continue to strengthen the Ukrainian army technologically, because technology helps to counteract the enemy more effectively and save human lives,” Fedorov said.

He calls on all inventors working on projects that are useful to the Defense Forces:

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