Ukrainian Delta system ready to integrate F-16

Ukrainian Delta system ready to integrate F-16

Ukraine’s Delta system is ready to integrate Western equipment, including F-16 fighter jets, as it has successfully passed NATO tests.

Thanks to Delta, soldiers can see the battlefield online with the location of enemy forces. This is the only platform in Ukraine that pulls in data from aerial reconnaissance, satellites, drones, the latest technology, stationary cameras, radars, chatbots, etc. All this data allows us to plan military operations efficiently and effectively destroy the invaders.

In June of this year, Poland hosted the annual NATO CWIX exercise on the interoperability of national combat and information systems with NATO systems and protocols.

Delta was successfully tested with 15 systems from 10 countries, including 3 systems developed by NATO itself. All interoperability tests were successful, and Delta once again proved its unique capabilities.

Also 4 data exchange protocols were tested. They are used by most of the modern weapons Ukraine receives from its Western partners. All these samples of the latest equipment can be integrated with Delta and used even more effectively.


The main protocol tested this year is Link 16. It makes it possible to receive data in Delta from F-16 fighters, which are so necessary for Ukraine.

Thus, today Ukraine has a national military system capable of operating according to modern standards and has combat pilots capable of quickly mastering the new generation of fighters.


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