Ukraine to launch Mriya-ID with a bunch of services

Ukraine to launch Mriya-ID

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine supported a resolution that allows the launch of the Mriya educational application. It will include a student e-ticket called Mriya-ID, and the educational process for children, parents, and teachers will become more modern and efficient.

What is Mriya

The Mriya app is a digital solution that will help millions of Ukrainians learn and develop. The resolution stipulates that at the first stage, the app will be available:

  • a student profile with ability development programs and a grading scale;
  • multimedia training materials;
  • collection, processing, storage, transmission and display of data on the educational process;
  • Mriya-ID is a unique educational document that is equivalent to a student ID.

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A breakthrough in education

In addition, Mriya will help automate the management of educational institutions. This will increase security and contact with the state. The app also plans to use artificial intelligence. This will reduce the workload of teachers, and provide students and parents with unique educational opportunities.

“The launch of Mriya will be a breakthrough. Quality education is the future. We are taking care of it now,” says Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov.

The Mriya application is being developed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with the support of the EGAP program implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation.

The project will be implemented at the expense of international technical assistance and the state budget.


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