Ukraine opens the code of Diia. Will hackers attack even more actively?

Ukraine opens the code of Diia

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution according to which the Diia code can be used by developers from other countries and used to create their own applications.

“Our foreign colleagues will see how high-quality government products we create,” the Ministry of Digital Transformation says.

Thanks to open source, anyone can verify the transparency of Diia, evaluate the logic of the app, and suggest changes that will help the team make Diia even better.

Who will get access

But this does not mean that everyone will be able to access the data. You understand that I am referring primarily to hackers who will thus be able to attack Ukraine’s infrastructure even more actively. Not at all.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation explains that a test space will be created without access to registries with simulated information retrieval. Therefore, the data of Ukrainians will remain completely safe.

Open data is used by most of the world’s top app developers because it helps them develop and scale their products.

“The whole world is focusing on open-source products. The main advantage is that any developer from anywhere in the world can study the documentation and start developing their own additional services or microservices that will fit the application,” says Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov.

The world’s top products are based on open source. For example, the Estonian application X-Road is the basis for the Trembita system, which is responsible for the fast exchange of data between registries.

Віцепрем'єр Михайло Федоров

Safety comes first

“Remember, we care about your data, so security is our first priority,” the Diia team says.

The code is being opened to make Diia even more convenient and popular around the world.

We hope that opening the code and spreading Diia and its followers around the world will not really harm cybersecurity.


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