Ukraine: new services in Diia and launching Mriya

launching Mriya

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has set goals for 2024 – even more revolutionary services in Diia and the launch of Mriya.

Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov stated this at a meeting with students of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy (ULA).

Михайло Федоров про Дію та Мрію

Action and Dream

“A successful Ukraine will have two main technological products – Diia (Action) and Mriya (Dream). The future belongs to countries that operate like IT companies and are ready for rapid changes. For Ukraine to become such a country, it is necessary to transform the education system and develop innovations,” said Fedorov.

According to him, Diia will continue to launch services and radically change the interaction between people and the state. And Mriya will help people to realize themselves, provide convenient access to knowledge and enable them to build individual educational trajectories.

Microsoft Flight Simulator отримав доповнення з «Мрією»

What is the Ukrainian Dream?

As you know, the An-225 Mriya (NATO codename Cossack) is a super-heavy transport aircraft created in 1988 in the USSR by the Kyiv Antonov Design Bureau. Until 2022, the AN-225 was the largest and most powerful aircraft in the world.

With a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tons, the Mriya was the heaviest aircraft in the world. For comparison, the third-largest American military transport aircraft (after the An-124 Ruslan), the C-5 Galaxy, has a maximum takeoff weight of 381 tons.

On February 27, 2022, the AN-225 was destroyed in a hangar during the fighting for the Gostomel airport during the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Мінцифра готує нові сервіси у Дії та запуск Мрії

Now Mriya is resurrecting it as a “lifelong education and development app.”

“We are looking for schools, educational institutions, and business representatives to take part in the pilot launch and scaling of the Mriya educational app,” the project’s website says.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation invites you to join the creation of Mriya. Follow the link to take part in the pilot and learn more –


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