Ukraine limits Russian influence on global communications

Roaming like at home for Ukrainians is extended in EU

The Ukrainian delegation attended the ITU WRC-23 World Telecommunication Conference held in the UAE. The delegation’s goal at the conference was to limit Russian influence and find new strategic partners.

Staying online is one of the most important needs of Ukrainians during a full-scale war, as communication is necessary both at the front and in the rear.

Україна обмежує російський вплив на глобальний зв'язок

What Ukraine have achieved

  • Together with 43 other countries, the Ukrainian delegation blocked Russian candidates for the ITU WRC-23 committees.
  • A representative of the Ministry of Digital Transformation spoke about providing communications to the population during the war.
  • Participants from Ukraine proposed moving the regional office of the International Telecommunication Union from Moscow to another country.
  • The delegation held meetings with the leadership of the International Telecommunication Union and the Bureau of Radio Communications to further cooperate and share experiences.
  • The Ukrainians also held 20 meetings with representatives of other countries and agreed to start cooperation and exchange experience. We are looking forward to joint interesting projects in the near future.

Ukraine received support from the international community. The participating countries condemned the illegal use of communications in the temporarily occupied territories and agreed to cooperate with the Ukrainian delegation.

We look forward to interesting international projects that will help Ukrainians stay connected!


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