Ukraine launches mass production of FPV drones

Ukraine launches mass production of FPV drones

There will be more FPV drones at the front. This is the promise of Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov after a meeting with Ukrainian manufacturers. The government promises to work with the General Staff, representatives of the Armed Forces, the State Special Communications Service, and the Aerial Reconnaissance Support Center to help launch mass production of the drones.

FPV drones (First Person View) are drones that are controlled by a pilot watching the image transmitted from the model’s camera through special video glasses or a monitor. Therefore, such a drone can be more accurately controlled and directed to the desired target.

According to Fedorov, the military currently needs thousands of FPV drones because they are fast, accurate, maneuverable, and destroy a lot of Russian equipment.

“We have the budget to purchase such UAVs, but not every Ukrainian company is currently ready to produce so many drones,” he says.

One of the main reasons is that companies have not gone through all the stages of approval for operation due to the complexity of the process.

eputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov

The Vice Prime Minister emphasizes that the government has removed almost all blockers. A fast-track for UAVs has now been introduced, and special areas have been created for pilot training and drone testing. Unnecessary bureaucracy has been eliminated, the approval for operation has been simplified, and much more.

As a result, 40 Ukrainian UAVs have passed the commissioning procedure and are already receiving government contracts. A year ago, there were only 7 such drones.

The Drone Army team is also constantly in touch with manufacturers, advising on paperwork, helping to organize tests at the test site, etc. Therefore, Ukrainian developers of FPV drones do not have to worry about going through all the procedures.

“We are always ready to help so that you can get contracts faster and scale up production,” emphasizes Fedorov.

He is confident that together they will be able to revolutionize the development of FPV copters.


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