Ukraine develops Defense Tech and new services in Diia

Ukraine develops Defense Tech and new services in Diia

Traditionally, in December, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine summarizes the results of the year. This year, the Ministry’s team continued to launch the most popular services in Diia, develop military technologies and digitalize various spheres of Ukrainian life.

“By 2024, we managed to implement 90% of what we had planned in the areas of service transformation, internet coverage, digital skills development and the IT sector. In 2023, we continued to develop our Operations and Services, created the Innovation Development Strategy, launched the Brave1 cluster, and continued to develop military technologies to strengthen the frontline. In addition to our goals, we have added other fundamental areas, thanks to which our country continues to fight and develop,” said Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology Development, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

Розвиток Дії

Development of Diia

Diia has become the main tool for communication between Ukrainians and the state.

Over the year, 1 million users joined the app. In total, almost 20 million Ukrainians use Diia.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation was quick to respond to the challenges of wartime and the demands of society, launching several essential services every month. More than 130 services are available on the portal and in the app, more than 30 of which were launched in 2023. These include construction services, online marriage applications, car re-registration, services for seafarers, and others.

Розвиток Дії

Among the main achievements is the launch of the eRestoration in Diia program. Thanks to the service, thousands of Ukrainians whose homes were damaged by Russian aggression were able to receive financial assistance to repair their homes. And the owners of the destroyed property have the opportunity to receive compensation and purchase new housing.

In total, Ukrainians have already submitted more than 64.7 thousand applications for financial assistance for damaged property. Of these, 34.5 thousand applicants have received payments of UAH 3.2 billion. In addition, almost 8 thousand applications were filed for destroyed property. Of these, 1,637 people have already received generated certificates confirming the amount of compensation.

However, digitalization is not only about launching electronic services, but also about transforming entire sectors. This year, the Ministry of Digital Transformation launched a digital reform of the State Statistics Service. This is to ensure that every Ukrainian has access to quality data and that the state can successfully process it and make effective decisions. In particular, we have developed a new user-friendly portal with statistical information and dashboards.

Defense Tech

The team of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, together with the relevant ministries, managed to remove blockers and create the best conditions for UAV manufacturers. As a result, the number of drones at the front has increased hundreds of times.

In addition, they continued to develop military technologies and launched the Defense-Tech cluster Brave1, which has already funded 137 developments for $2.3 million. Each technology is a revolutionary product that changes the approach to warfare.



The telecom sector remains among the priority areas of work. Currently, there are about 47 thousand Starlinks in Ukraine, 25 thousand of which were delivered this year. In addition, we have more than 900 Tesla Powerwalls, devices that provide backup power during power outages. Thanks to this, thousands of Ukrainians have been able to use high-quality Internet and stay connected even during blackouts.

In addition, we continued to develop fixed Internet and mobile communications: over the year, we provided more than 3,000 educational institutions with Wi-Fi in shelters, more than 2.7 million Ukrainians were provided with blackout-resistant Internet, and more than 540 villages received 4G connectivity for the first time.


Diia.City and Diia.Education

In 2023, the Ministry of Digital Transformation actively developed Diia.City. More than 760 Ukrainian and international IT companies have already joined the special economic and legal space. This means almost 60 thousand specialists.

The Ministry’s team also continued to help Ukrainians develop the necessary digital skills by scaling up the Diia.Digital Education project into the Diia.Education platform, where you can learn a new profession. This is especially relevant in the context of a full-scale invasion, when millions of people have lost their jobs or businesses and are forced to start their lives over.

In addition, the transformation of education has begun. The Ministry of Digital Transformation is working on the Mriya app, a new educational product that will help millions of people learn, develop and succeed. It is also working on rebuilding schools, introducing the latest technologies and artificial intelligence into the educational process, and improving the skills of teachers and lecturers.


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