Trembita provides 6-7 million data exchanges per day


Trembita is a system for electronic interaction of government information resources that was launched in 2020. In 3 years, Trembita has accelerated more than 4 billion transactions. Millions of Ukrainians have received electronic services and digital documents. No queues, no bureaucracy, no corruption.

In 2023, despite the war, Trembita scaled up and continued to digitalize the state. In 2023, Trembita conducted 6-7 million data exchanges per day. And on the days of the Diia update, it reached a record high of about 14.5 million.

Where he works

Trembita works in all areas of life. In 2023, the system was used to make:

  • 28 million transactions with the Unified IDP Information Database;
  • 12 million transactions with the State Register of Damaged and Destroyed Property;
  • 6.4 million transactions in the construction sector;
  • 442.6 million transactions to verify the use of budget funds: benefits, subsidies, social payments;
  • the quality of data in the register of persons liable for military service increased from 27% to 88%.

What it works for

Trembita does not just destroy corruption and fraud. It eliminates the possibility of unauthorized and inefficient use of public funds. It also minimizes the risks of fake documents or concealment of real data.

In other words, Trembita creates a transparent basis for interaction for everyone. It is also fast and convenient.

Trembita was developed on the basis of the Estonian data exchange platform X-ROAD as part of the international technical assistance project EGOV4Ukraine. It is currently being actively developed with the support of the European Union under the EU4DigitalUA and DT4UA projects implemented by the Estonian Academy of Electronic Governance.


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