Traffic on Vodafone network increased by 30%

Traffic on Vodafone network increased by 30%

Vodafone is working hard to ensure stable network performance under abnormally high load conditions. Over the course of yesterday and today, it has welcomed millions of new subscribers who are activating new SIM cards or renewing their old ones.

This has led to an increase in the load on certain Vodafone service channels, as well as an increase in traffic on our network – up to 30% in some regions. Thanks to the efforts of the company’s specialists, the main services on the Vodafone network are operating without significant restrictions.

To support those subscribers who are without connection, Vodafone launched the Keep WiFi initiative and encourages others to do the same, so that everyone has access to information, to connect with family and friends, to work and study.

The company has published a list of its stores with free Wi-Fi access and encourages other businesses and good neighbors to do the same – remove the password from their Wi-Fi point and rename it “Trymai WiFi.”

We remind you that hackers attacked Kyivstar’s communication network yesterday. And now the Security Service of Ukraine, the State Special Communications Service, and CERT-UA are helping to investigate the cyberattack and restore the operator’s cybersecurity.


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