The U.S. is interested in creating an application like Diia

Ukrainian Diia was presented in Washington at the Diia in DC Summit

During a meeting in Bucha, USAID Administrator Samantha Power shared feedback on the digitalization of Ukraine and, in particular, the eRestoration program, which helps rebuild damaged housing.

A digital passport, opening a bank account in seconds, online services in the construction sector, and dozens of other convenient services are now available on Diia. The functionality of Diia, which is already familiar to Ukrainians, is still a dream for foreigners.

Samantha Power says:

E-recovery platform is something I have never seen before. Technology harnessed immediately and with urgency for the public good. Accountability to the people and for the people as a design feature of the program from the very start.

She says that people in the United States are amazed at the range of possibilities that the Diia app already has. Whenever Americans learn about the more than 120 services available on the platform, they ask when they can get Diia. To which Samantha answers:

“Well. Once Ukraine has won the war and completed its recovery and reconstruction, Mykhailo (Fedorov – ed.) is going to be spending a lot more time in the United States.”

There are many things you can do in Diia, from accessing your passport to creating a bank account online to applying for building permits.

“All of this is such an important multifaceted aspect of Diia is so critical.”

The Ministry of Digital Transformation assures that they continue to transform despite the war and respond to problems with Diia services. The team is also working to announce the launch of a beta test of the app with digital documents in the United States as soon as possible.


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