The Promova platform offers to learn English for free

The Promova platform offers to learn English for free

The Promova language learning platform is one of the first products to become part of the national English language promotion program Future Perfect.

Promova’s goal is to help people learn foreign languages using the app and web version of the product. Ukrainians have free Premium access to English language learning: anyone can learn the language through self-study courses and achieve personal goals.

“The national Future Perfect program is an opportunity, among other things, to help Ukrainians learn English, which is the language of international communication today. We thank the Promova platform for working together to build a future in which Ukrainians open up new horizons with the help of foreign languages,” said Valeria Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for European Integration.

Платформа надає українцям безоплатний доступ до чотирьох курсів англійської

How to connect

The platform provides Ukrainians with free access to four English courses: General English, Business English, English with TV series, and Travel English. Promova offers grammar and vocabulary lessons, as well as lessons to train English pronunciation using machine learning. In addition, the platform offers books from world classics adapted to different levels of English. Ukrainians can learn English with explanations in Ukrainian or in English for greater immersion.

“When the government offered Promova to become one of the participants in the Future Perfect program, we immediately agreed. Ukrainians should have access to quality content to master English and share their knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. To make this possible, we have provided Ukrainians with free Premium access to all language courses on Promova for three years. We are inspired to be a part of this program and give millions of Ukrainians the opportunity to live a better life by achieving their foreign language learning goals,” explains Andriy Skrypnyk, CEO and co-founder of Promova.

The Promova app has already been downloaded by more than 12 million users worldwide. As part of Future Perfect, the platform provides Ukrainians with free Premium access to courses not only in English but also in other languages for three years. You can take advantage of the opportunity by registering on the Free for Ukraine page on the Promova website and confirming your citizenship through Diia.Signature –

Платформа надає українцям безоплатний доступ до чотирьох курсів англійської

What does Promova offer?

Currently, Promova offers ten foreign languages. Among them are the five most popular languages in the world, as well as Korean and Ukrainian. Users can choose not only the language to learn but also the language in which they want to receive explanations. Promova was created by the team of Ukrainian co-founding IT company Genesis.

“It is important for Genesis to support initiatives that will have a qualitative impact on education and social development. As a company that builds global businesses from Ukraine, we want every citizen to have more knowledge and opportunities. At the start of my career, my knowledge of English helped me get a job at one of the four largest audit firms in the world. It laid the foundation for high-quality professional development for many years to come,” said Artem Kopanev, Genesis’ Chief Operating Officer.

Learning a new language is always about new opportunities. Test the platform to start discovering them today.


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