The iPhone 16 prototype demonstrates a revolutionary design

The iPhone 16 prototype demonstrates a revolutionary design

New details about the upcoming iPhone 16 series continue to emerge. For example, we’ve already learned that the iPhone 16’s shoot button may have a DSLR-like function, and we’ve also gathered some details about the processor and camera. Now, the prototype shown indicates that much more significant changes are in store. Accordingly, the iPhone 16 will undergo a complete redesign, marking the end of an era that began five years ago with the iPhone 11 Pro. Here are the details…

The iPhone 16 series is preparing for a revolutionary redesign

The design of iPhones is undoubtedly one of the most criticized aspects of Apple’s business. The company often avoids major changes and sticks to a similar design language for several years, leading to consumer comments like “same old phone” despite significant performance improvements. Recent information suggests that Apple may receive a similar backlash this year with the iPhone 16, causing disappointment from a design perspective. However, it looks like the upcoming models will have a new rear camera design, replacing the two diagonal lenses with two vertical lenses on the back.

An image has appeared on Twitter that is claimed to be a prototype of the iPhone 16. Contrary to popular belief, significant changes in the design of the iPhone 16 prototype are expected. However, some of the alleged changes may not materialize. For example, recent statements have suggested an increase in the size of the iPhone 16 Pro, but it looks like the Pro Max variant may not see any changes. While there are no exact measurements, there are indications of a potential slight increase, perhaps around 0.x inches.

However, the most significant changes will undoubtedly take place in the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus models. This year, Apple will abandon the diagonally aligned camera design located in the upper right corner. Instead, it will revert to the camera placement familiar from the iPhone X and iPhone 11. While this may not change anything for many users, it will still disappoint those who have high hopes for the design. However, it should be recognized that it is not very realistic to make significant changes to the design of a phone with a completely closed front of the screen that is released every year.

The iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a similar look and feel in terms of camera. However, they will also be updated in terms of design, thanks to a new button layout. The capacitive touch buttons are expected to undergo a transformation, becoming either flat or slightly recessed into the body. Although specific details are unknown, it seems that this change will be mainly influenced by the proximity to the engine located below.

Another intriguing prospect for the iPhone 16 Pro is the integration of a periscope camera. The EVT1 model of the iPhone 15 Pro featured a square periscope comparable in size to the CMOS main camera, but smaller than the Pro Max. While this smaller CMOS camera boasted a 4x aperture change, it was absent from the EVT2 model.


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