The first naval drone “Avdiivka” is ready for combat

The first naval drone

Sea Baby maritime drones, which were raised by UNITED24, monobank and Horokhovsky, Lachenkov and Sternenko, are a unique development of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU). In record time, we managed to raise almost 300 million hryvnias for 35 SSU Sea Baby maritime drones. And now the new first personalized naval drone “Avdiivka” has passed the test.

Ще більш потужний та далекобійний

Even more powerful and longer range

Naval drones are designed and assembled in Ukraine, and after successful tests, they are released to hunt the Russian fleet. They can carry more than a ton of payload and cover more than 1000 km. Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov writes about this.

“This is the first drone manufactured by the SSU with the assistance of UNITED24. It has much better seaworthiness and other properties. It is a universal platform on which we will deploy various weapons. It has already shown itself very well, hitting 5 Russian ships near Sevastopol Bay last fall. The boats are strong, powerful, and enduring,” says Hunter, Brigadier General of the SBU Military Counterintelligence.

The Security Service of Ukraine noted that the Sea baby 2024 is a new generation drone, which is improved and even more deadly for the enemy.

Хантер, бригадний генерал військової контррозвідки СБУ

Cleaning up the Black Sea

“The future belongs to technological approaches in warfare. The SBU is trying to be the first in this direction, and it is really succeeding. We have trained unique specialists in marine drones in the ranks of the service to further improve and scale the work on clearing the Black Sea from the enemy. Our task is to destroy the occupiers and bring the Victory closer,” said SSU Head Vasyl Malyuk.

“We will take revenge for every Ukrainian city, protect Ukrainian waters from enemy vessels. This is a naval battle. We are grateful to everyone who has made a move,” adds Fedorov.

It is worth reminding that it was with the help of maritime drones that the SSU blew up the Crimean bridge and hit 11 Russian warships.

Перший іменний морський дрон «Авдіївка» готовий до бою

GUR strikes

The Main Intelligence Directorate is also engaged in the destruction of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. On the night of March 5, Ukrainian Magura V5 drones destroyed a new Russian patrol ship, the Sergei Kotov.

According to the GUR, the cost of the sunken ship is about $65 million. And only five of the 13 large landing ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet remain.


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