The EU has started the process of Ukraine’s accession

The EU has started the process of Ukraine's accession

On June 25, the first Intergovernmental Conference between Ukraine and the EU took place in Luxembourg, where the negotiation framework was presented.

This is a historic moment that demonstrates Ukraine’s commitment to the European vector of development and the EU’s appreciation of it. In turn, Ukraine is adapting its digital market to the European one. That is why the Ukrainian delegation included Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for European Integration Valeria Ionan.

A single digital marketplace

For more than 4 years, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has been following the European integration vector of development – integration into the EU’s digital single market. Ukraine became the first non-EU country whose electronic signatures and seals are technically validated in the European Union. Ukrainians can sign European documents with Diia.Signature-EU, which complies with the eIDAS regulation.

Ukraine’s experience in digital development, particularly in creating the European Digital Identity Wallet, is of interest to the EU and beyond. Diia became a contender for the project because the app performs most of the functions provided by the EUDI wallet. Ukraine is the only country out of the 20 countries developing the wallet that is not currently a member of the EU. This became possible thanks to Ukraine’s accession to the EU’s Digital Europe program, which also includes the development of a network of European Digital Innovation Hubs in Ukraine.

Єдиний цифровий ринок

Single roaming zone

Ukraine is also working on a single roaming area with the European Union. Ukrainians will be able to avoid paying additional fees for mobile communications and the Internet in the 27 EU countries. The same conditions will apply to users of European operators in Ukraine. Previously, no country outside the EU had joined the Roam like at home policy.

It is expected that the next stage of the screening – bilateral meetings – will begin in July 2024. Ukraine will present the compliance of its national legislation with the EU legislation for each negotiated chapter. The Ministry of Digital Transformation is coordinating the negotiation of Title 10 “Digital Transformation and Media”.

Ukraine is moving quickly and confidently toward EU membership, despite the challenges of a full-scale war. Digital transformation is a key driver in this. We continue to work and move closer to the EU digital market.


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