Telenor installs the southernmost base station in Antarctica

Telenor installs the southernmost base station in Antarctica

Telenor has recently opened a commercial base station in Antarctica, setting a new standard for communication in the harshest of environments. The Norwegian Polar Institute’s research station in Antarctica, Troll, now has extended coverage, connecting a vast area to the outside world via mobile communications.

The base station was commissioned in February. It is not only the southernmost in the world, but also cooperates with the northernmost station in the world in Ny Olesund, Svalbard.

Experience in polar regions

Telenor Svalbard CEO Kristian Skottun emphasizes that close cooperation with the Norwegian Polar Institute is the basis for establishing mobile coverage in the Antarctic:

“Telenor, which is based in Svalbard, has extensive experience in building and operating mobile networks in the Arctic regions.Mobile coverage is crucial for both poles.”

According to him, scientists will now be able to use the mobile Internet of Things to collect data during fieldwork. In addition, mobile coverage opens up new opportunities for research and monitoring of the Antarctic environment.

The main motivation behind this bold project is to provide the necessary mobile coverage to the Norwegian Polar Institute’s Troll research station. It is a center for scientific and environmental research, making reliable connectivity crucial to the success of ongoing projects and the safety of researchers working in the region.

“Mobile coverage is a step forward for Troll’s technological development. In addition, it provides new opportunities for research and monitoring in the Queen Maud Land,” says Camilla Brekke, Director of the Polar Institute.

KSAT володіє та керує TrollSat

Close cooperation with the satellite operator

In addition to its close cooperation with the Norwegian Polar Institute, Telenor Svalbard also works with Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT), which is responsible for the communication services from Troll. KSAT owns and operates TrollSat, one of the world’s most important ground stations for collecting data from climate and environmental monitoring satellites, which is co-located with the Troll research station. KSAT is also responsible for the transmission of satellite data from Troll to users around the world.

“Troll’s full mobile coverage also helps our users and makes it easier to connect with the outside world. We are therefore pleased that Troll’s satellite connectivity can also be used for mobile traffic,” says Rolf Skattebo, CEO of KSAT.


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