Subscribers continue to switch to lifecell most often


For several years in a row, lifecell has been a leader in terms of the number of numbers ported to its network from other operators.

The mobile number portability (MNP) service has been available in Ukraine since 2019. 468 thousand subscribers have already enjoyed the freedom to choose a mobile operator and used the service to keep their number when changing operators. As of May 1, according to the NCEC‘s statistics, more than 305 thousand people have switched to lifecell: more than 305 thousand people have joined the operator’s network.

Subscribers continue to switch to lifecell most often

What are the advantages

The company notes that the main advantages of switching to lifecell are:

  • rates with a benefit of up to 45% for ported rooms;
  • high-speed mobile Internet;
  • membership in the Platinum Club within 90 days;
  • free Internet distribution from the phone;
  • quality service;
  • growing coverage (+1219 new base stations across Ukraine even during the war).

Lifecell has a special price for some tariffs for ported subscribers, which is up to 45% more favorable than their standard price. Most often, when transferring subscribers, they choose the national tariff plans Free Life, Smart Life and the regional tariff Powerful, which can meet various needs – from a large amount of minutes for calls to unlimited mobile Internet.

How to go

You can apply and transfer to lifecell at any operator’s store or online by choosing a convenient option for transferring to:

  • new lifecell SIM – a new starter package that can be purchased at any point of sale;
  • an active lifecell SIM that has been in use;
  • eSIM from lifecell – provided free of charge by e-mail if the phone supports eSIM.

You can change operators using lifecell eSIM even when you are abroad. This will allow you to start using 5G in roaming, which is available to lifecell subscribers whose smartphones support this communication standard in 47 countries.

The NCEC, together with operators, is constantly working to improve the MNP service so that every subscriber can easily use it as soon as possible. Recently, we decided to replace the voice alert on ported numbers with an audible one, which is more comfortable for the contacts of ported numbers.


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