Skylum releases Luminar for iPad photo editor

Skylum releases Luminar for iPad photo editor

Skylum, a Ukrainian developer of AI-powered photo editors with an audience of more than 1 million users worldwide, has introduced a tablet app for the first time.

Luminar for iPad offers comprehensive photo editing capabilities ranging from basic settings and filters to AI functions. In addition, the app has an innovative and playful design with interactive controls, providing users with a whole new mobile editing experience.

As with the development of any photo editing software, Skylum has made Luminar for iPad feature-rich and intuitive to use for photographers of all levels.

Key features of Luminar for iPad

  • Development tools, i.e. basic settings for color correction, including exposure, temperature, hue, contrast, light, shadows, white and black, saturation, brightness, and vignetting.
  • The main tools include details, curves, crop, erase, landscape (including background removal), and monochrome mode.
  • AI-powered tools such as Enhance AI (automatic photo enhancement), Sky AI (sky replacement), Structure AI (detail and texture enhancement), and Relight AI (lighting and contrast balancing).
  • A collection of filters that not only provides reliable color correction, but also pays tribute to the nostalgia of film cameras, beloved by many in the world of photography.
  • Three editing modes, allowing users to easily switch between Development, Filters, and Sky modes, depending on their own editing preferences and desired results.
  • Support for Apple Pencil, including integration with Apple Pencil for more precise editing and better control of settings.

Luminar for iPad

Mobile photo editing

According to Skylum, the main goal of Luminar for iPad is to completely reimagine mobile photo editing, making it more interactive and entertaining for the user.

So, while browsing through the LUT collection in search of the perfect filter for their photo, app users will hear the nostalgic click of a film changer. This element, designed with love for analog photography, will add a playful dimension to the processing process.

“By leveraging the iPad platform and our cutting-edge technology, we are bringing to market an app that delivers both the immersive editing experience and the professional-grade results that Luminar is known for,” said Skylum CEO Ivan Kutanin.

Luminar for iPad

Where to download

Luminar for iPad is already available for download on the site. The app is also available for visionOS, and owners of Apple Vision Pro devices can use the app for free until June 5, 2024.

As a reminder, Skylum is a leading innovator in photo editing software and the company behind the award-winning Luminar Neo program. As a result, the photo editor developed by Ukrainians received the TIPA 2022 and TIPA 2023 awards in the Best Imaging Software for Photography Enthusiasts category.


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