Samsung unveils “The Link” thin and wireless monitor at CES 2024

Samsung unveils

Samsung’s lineup at CES 2024 was filled with interesting new products, ranging from the practical to the futuristic. There was The Music Frame, a speaker that looks like a photo frame (seriously, it’s worth a look), and even transparent TVs (also a must-see).

In addition, they also showed a monitor called “The Link”, which caught the eye with its minimalist design and intriguing wireless connectivity. So let’s talk about it here.

The Link monitor can be connected wirelessly

The Link boasts a slim profile that Samsung claims is the thinnest for a 32-inch 4K LED monitor. The sleekness extends to the rear panel, which features only three main ports – HDMI, power, and USB-C. This clean aesthetic eliminates the usual cable clutter.

Instead of a traditional stand, The Link uses a unique base that follows the width of the monitor. This T-shaped metal structure creates a stable yet unobtrusive base, further emphasizing the minimalist look.

The real highlight of The Link monitor is its potential for cable-free connectivity. Samsung claims that it can wirelessly connect with other Link monitors to create a multi-monitor setup without a single cord. Although details are scarce, reports hint at using pogo pins for this wireless connection. This opens up the possibility of creating a spacious workspace or an immersive gaming environment – all without wires.

In addition to its appearance, The Link features built-in speakers and discreet bezel controls. However, specific details such as resolution, refresh rate, and additional features remain undisclosed, and Samsung promises to provide more information in the near future.

This means we’re also waiting to see when Samsung will release The Link and how much it will cost. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments.


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