Samsung integrates AI into its smart home products

Samsung integrates AI into its smart home products

After introducing artificial intelligence to its Galaxy smartphones, Samsung is working on adding AI to its smart home products. According to a report by Businesskorea, Samsung may launch AI-enabled home appliances as early as next year. Reportedly, the company aims to create a “super-connected ecosystem” by adding AI to smart home products. This will also help Samsung strengthen its position against competitors such as Apple and Google.

The home appliances, which are scheduled to be released in 2025, will reportedly work with certain large language models (LLMs) on the device, which is good for user privacy. The company plans to introduce the Bixby voice control assistant for its smart home products in July this year. Although Samsung will initially rely on the cloud to run LLMs.

Some of Samsung’s smart home products that will be the first to receive AI will include Family Hub refrigerators, washing machines, and induction cookers from Samsung’s Bespoke AI lineup, which are equipped with LCD screens.

Home appliances are expected to have numerous AI capabilities (e.g., translation) that are currently limited to smartphones.

With the Bixby voice assistant supplemented by the latest big language models, smart home products will understand more complex commands and offer a more natural user experience. It is also reported that these products will remember previous conversations, which can bring additional benefits.

The number of smart home devices connected to Samsung SmartThings has reportedly exceeded 20 million. Notably, in 2022, this figure will be around 10 million. It is expected to reach 30 million by next year.


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