Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, Z Flip 6: color and storage options

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, Z Flip 6: color and storage options

Leaks and rumors have revealed many details about Samsung’s sixth-generation foldable Galaxy Z. The leaked CAD-based renders revealed no changes to the Z Flip 6, while the Z Fold 6 will have a more boxy design and sharp corners. The foldable phones have also been spotted on the 3C certification site, which lists unchanged battery charging speeds. Now, Ross Young of DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants) has revealed the color options as well as storage options for Samsung’s upcoming foldable phones.

The Galaxy Z Flip is usually offered in fun and bright colors. Samsung will continue this tradition with the Z Flip 6. According to Young, it will be available in a total of seven colors, including Crafted Black, Light Blue, Mint, Peach, Silver Shadow, White, and Yellow. It is worth noting that four of these shades were announced earlier, and now the company’s CEO says that light green and silver will be sold as Mint and Silver Shadow. In addition, these colors are already available on the Z Flip 5. It is not yet known whether the South Korean brand will release a darker or lighter shade on the Flip 6.

The Crafted Black, Peach and White variants are expected to be available in some markets or in limited quantities. It is noteworthy that the lavender/purple color, which was the main color on the Z Flip, is not available.

As for Galaxy Z Fold 6, the colors remain the same as previously reported. But navy blue will be sold as Navy, and silver as Silver Shadow. There will also be a new light pink shade, as well as limited edition Crafted Black and White colors.

Ross Young also reports that Samsung will continue to offer the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Fold 6 with 256GB and 512GB of storage. The latter will also be available in a higher 1TB configuration.


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