Samp-T missiles are already guarding the skies in Ukraine

Samp-T missiles are already guarding the skies in Ukraine

The French-Italian SAMP/T medium-range air defense system has been delivered to Ukraine and is now in operation. This was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron four months after his promise in Kyiv. In early February, Paris announced the delivery of this equivalent of the Patriot.

“I am delighted to be able to announce, that the Franco-Italian SAMP/T is now deployed and operational in Ukraine, where it protects key sites and lives,” Macron said.

French President Emmanuel Macron

SAMP/T MAMBA is Europe’s first long-range anti-missile system. It should help Ukraine cope with attacks by Russian drones, missiles and aircraft. The system, its radars and launchers armed with eight Aster missiles with a range of about 100 km, can counter a wide range of air threats: short-range ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, fighter jets, helicopters and drones.

Kyiv has been calling for months to strengthen its surface-to-air defense, especially after a wave of Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure using cruise missiles and Iranian drones last fall.

MAMBA has already been deployed in Romania to protect the strategic port region of Constanta on the Black Sea. And 12 launchers have been deployed in Singapore. In March 2023, SAMP/T was deployed to Slovakia as part of NATO’s eastern flank reinforcement.

The first SAMP/T air defense missile system was delivered to Ukraine on May 15, 2023. Currently, 6 launchers have been deployed.


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