Russia jams high-precision GPS-guided missile

Russia jams high-precision GPS-guided missile

Russia’s electronic warfare has had a devastating effect in Ukraine, reducing the accuracy of US-supplied GPS-guided Excalibur artillery shells from 55% to just 6%. At the same time, the small-diameter GLSDB ground bombs proved to be “so ineffective” that Washington stopped supplying them. This was reported by Bloomberg.

Silencers are everywhere

Similar problems have arisen with other American weapons, such as JDAMs and even the satellite Internet Starlink. It is claimed that at one point Ukraine was losing 10,000 drones a month due to interference.

The occupiers cover the front line with small van-sized jammers every 10 km. These jammers create interference, stopping confused Ukrainian drones until their batteries run out and blinding NATO missiles.

The problem goes beyond Ukraine. Seeing how the U.S. military uses sensors, networks, and precision weapons to devastating effect, Russia and China have invested heavily in undermining such technologies.

Російський РЕБ

Implementation of new technologies

Observers point out that the United States needs to move faster to implement promising new technologies, using off-the-shelf equipment whenever possible. Software updates and additional sensors could allow munitions to stay on course despite obstacles.

At the same time, commercial space companies could help provide alternative data on the location of weapons and soldiers, thereby reducing reliance on GPS satellites. Any solutions should be easily updated, given the speed with which countermeasures can reduce their effectiveness.

2 тисячі одиниць РЕБу ближньої дії відправилися на фронт

Ukrainian developments

It should be noted that Ukraine is not standing still either. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to destroy all enemy electronic warfare installations, and the signal specialists suggest how best to use their own electronic warfare systems, which are also being developed and implemented at the front.

Recently, the government has transferred 2,000 units of short-range electronic warfare created by Ukrainian developers – members of the Brave1 cluster – to the front.

Short-range electronic warfare, including trench electronic warfare, protects the military and their positions, armored vehicles, and evacuation vehicles. It jams Russian FPV drones, drones-droppers and reconnaissance drones. These are tens of thousands of lives and pieces of equipment saved.

Prior to the full-scale war, Ukraine had not developed any short-range electronic warfare systems. Thanks to the systematic work of Brave1, this area has begun to develop, and today there are dozens of technological solutions that the state can purchase for the front.


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