Rockstar has been hacked again: GTA 5 source code leaked online

Rockstar has been hacked again: GTA 5 source code leaked online

Rockstar Games, the studio that created the iconic Grand Theft Auto series, is suffering from yet another major security breach. Following recent leaks and rumors surrounding the highly anticipated GTA 6, the entire source code for its predecessor, GTA 5 – and possibly more – has been leaked online.

GTA 5 source code leak shows that Bully 2 may be real!

The code leak includes several interesting details, such as the file for Bully 2, the long-awaited sequel to the beloved adventure game. Bully was first launched between Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 4. It provided a similar gaming experience as the aforementioned games, but in a new location with new quests, characters, and activities.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting its successor, and the latest leak suggests that Rockstar Games may have been working on Bully 2 behind the scenes for some time.

In addition to Bully 2, the leak also contains an early map for GTA 5 and a scenario confirming that GTA 6 was once codenamed Project America.

YouTuber SKizzleAXE shared a screenshot of the code that seems to confirm the leak. A fan named “Agent” also shared some code leaks and images of the RAGE engine on X/Twitter, but these posts have been deleted.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how this leak happened. However, there are signs that the GTA 5 code was posted on Discord. There are also rumors that the full code has been sold privately between individuals since 2022. While we are not certain, this timeframe coincides with the initial leak of 10,000 lines of GTA 6 code, suggesting a broader leak that affected both games.

This is a serious blow to Rockstar. Not only is a code leak a valuable asset, but it can also lead to technical problems and even delays in the release of future games, such as GTA 6.

The Game Detective (@that1detectiv3), a well-known online reporter, drew attention to these potential consequences, calling for caution and emphasizing the seriousness of the leak.

At the time of writing, Rockstar Games has not publicly commented on the data leak.


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